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Finca del Alta Chardonnay Chenin Blanc

Background information

Andean Vineyards was founded in San Juan in 1914. Established in the heart of the Argentine Andes, it started as a little 50.000 liter project which gradually grew into what we know today. Nowadays, the winery has facilities in both, San Juan and Mendoza, the two main wine regions in Argentina. Andean Vineyards is recognized for producing wines of excellent value for money, and for expressing Argentina’s Terroir in every bottle. Today its portfolio is present in more than 50 countries worldwide and still constantly growing into new markets and opportunities.  Considered a winery of great flexibility, that can successfully interpret and respond to the different market needs, Andean Vineyards is proud to contribute to the growth of Argentina’s wine market in the world

Tasting note

Lemon and ripe pear flavours complement a moderate influence of fine oak. On the palate, this wine is delicate and round.

Food match

Can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to chicken empanadas with a chimichurri dip.



Andean Vineyards
Region, Country
Mendoza, Argentina

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