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Shorn Fizz

Background information

Within the carbonator, the still wine product is pump through an array of spray heads in the top of a stainless vessel pressurised with carbon dioxide.

As the wine mist descends through the carbon dioxide atmosphere, CO2 bubbles diffuse into the wine. By altering the pressure in the vessel the amount of CO2 that is absorbed can be varied.

Because the process happens at a molecular level, the C02 bubbles are very small and become well embedded within the wine. This makes for a very stable product and ensures a long bubble life.

Because of this, the process can occur at ambient temperatures and comparatively low pressures resulting in lower energy and CO2 usage and less wastage.

At Kingsland Drinks, we have modern technology that adds the bubbles by turning the wine into ‘mist’ that then falls through a saturated CO2 atmosphere. This create a super soft type of fizz.

Tasting note

The same Shorn you know and love, now with a bit of our added sparkle. Fresh, fruity and bubbly with delicious flavours of pear and apple. These fruits are complemented by a refreshingly crisp and elegant finish.

Food match

Perfect served chilled as an aperitif.




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