Kingsland is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its activities and continually improving its environmental performance as an integral part of its business strategy and operating methods.

Kingsland are currently working towards ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management some areas this revolves around:

  • Water Use Management
  • Waste Management
  • Processes
  • Emissions prevention of air pollution

It is important we review the sustainability criteria from wineries that we use, including:

  • Equipment, Vehicle & Machinery, Waste Management, Vineyard Establishment, Biodiversity, Viticulture, Soil Management, Chemical & Pesticide Management, Reduction in use of chemical fertilizers %, Water Management, Pest Management, Wine Quality, Ecosystem Management, Energy Efficiency, Environmental purchasing, Emissions prevention of air pollution

Other sustainability initiatives include:

  • Organic Wines
  • Use recycled packaging materials- Glass and cardboard
  • We recycle paper, packaging materials from production- glass, stretch wrap, cardboard, label backing and Metals