We have a rich history, with our site dating back to 1895. The first production of Wines & Spirits started in 1955. The company evolved into Kingsland and we are pioneers of the UK wine industry, being the first to use the Manchester shipping canal to transport wine.

Key Milestones in our History

  • 1844 – Rochdale Pioneers was established and formed the basis for the modern Co-operative movement
  • 1863 – Co-operative Wholesale (Industrial & Provident) Society formed
  • 1894 – Co-op owned ship ‘The Pioneer’ first sail up the Manchester Ship Canal
  • 1895 – The CWS opens the Irlam site to manufacture Soap, Detergents & Candles
  • 1955 – The CWS opens a Wines & Spirits depot on the site at Irlam
  • 1964 – The CWS invest in filling lines and become the first company in the UK to import & bottle bulk wine
  • 2002 – The Screw cap Initiative – Launched Unwind range in collaboration with Tesco & established screw cap as the standard closure in the UK for wine
  • 2004 – Business sold by first MBO team to current MBO team
  • 2006 – Kingsland moves first wine container up the Manchester Ship Canal in its initiative with Peel to regenerate the canal as a commercially viable waterway
  • 2010 – Kingsland launches the Worlds Lightest Wine Glass Screw cap Bottle at 300gm
  • 2011 – New wine cellar opens on site containing 42 new stainless steel tanks
  • 2012 – Kingsland acquires the assets of Stratford Wines to bring in exciting premium wines & producers to our portfolio
  • 2014 – New partnership agreements with Brandphoenix, Marks & Spencer and Limestone Coast Wines
  • 2015 – Kingsland acquires Bottle Green Ltd. This integration brings together Kingsland’s existing expertise in manufacturing, supply chain, bulk sourcing and marketing with Bottle Green’s sales, producer relations and wine making knowledge.
  • 2015 – Kingsland install Carbonation line and reinstate ‘The Winery’
  • 2016 – Integration of Bottle Green Ltd. into Kingsland Drinks completed and enhanced wine range launched at London Wine Fair. (Please see Our Portfolio section)