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Kingsland Drinks Announces UK Launch Of Vandenberg

Latest news • 26/10/2018

New to the UK, Kingsland Drinks has launched the eye-catching Australian wine brand Vandenberg this month. The brand, part of LimestoneCoastWine Co., Is available in Co-Op stores across the country from October.

The Vandenberg brand was founded by Richie Vandenberg, a renowned captain in the Australian Football League, whose grit and determination helped him lead a struggling Hawthorn team to victory in the 2005 AFL.

Richie was inspired to create the brand by his distant-relative, Ari Vandenberg, who was shipwrecked on the Limestone Coast in 1857. As one of only nine survivors Ari pledged to cultivate the wild land, unknowingly laying the foundation for future generations.

Richie followed in the footsteps of his ancestor and continued the line of four generations of grape growers on the Limestone Coast, nurturing wine from the soil to the bottle to produce Vandenberg.

There are currently two variants available in the UK, ‘Adelaide Hills’ Chardonnay and ‘The Melee’, a blend of Shiraz and Cabernet. The chardonnay is a sophisticated and elegant wine, with notes of citrus and pear as well as subtle spice brought on by oak complexity, with a creamy refined finish. ‘The Melee’ sees rich juicy black fruits with subtle savoury spice, accompanied by fine tannins, which provide a lingering finish

Available in Co-Op stores, both variants have an RSP of £10.