Kingsland Wines & Spirits, leading UK bottler and distributor, has boosted its ‘green’ profile by installing solar panels onto its factory roof.

The panels, when operating at maximum output, will generate enough energy to enable 70% of the factory to run solely off solar energy.

In addition, and in a bid to further reduce the business’ energy output, 75% of the lighting in both the factory and the warehouse has been changed to high frequency / low energy fittings which use around 50% less energy compared to the previous light fittings. The bulbs themselves last three times longer and, where possible, ‘dusk to dawn’ lighting controls have been installed so that lighting only comes on at night when it is required.

Commenting on the initiatives, Mark Dixon, Manufacturing Director of Kingsland Wines & Spirits, said:

“Kingsland endeavour to continue its environmentally-conscious initiatives across its entire business operations. We have chosen to install the solar panels and light fittings to support our ongoing plans of considering the environment within our strategies, practices and products.”