Kingsland Drinks – premier independent UK supplier of wine and spirits – is proud to announce achieving the Salford City Mayor’s Charter for Employment Standards Award, thanks to sustained support for the local community.

Launched in 2013, the charter contains three pledges to promote social inclusion, drive economic growth and raise living standards in Salford. Kingsland Drinks has been credited for “putting Salford first” – creating training and employment opportunities for its residents – and “setting the standard” – promoting the adoption of the best working practice and conditions.

Based in Irlam, Kingsland Drinks has been a key supporter in the development and growth of Salford. Kingsland Drinks is dedicated to optimising and improving local facilities, having previously worked with infrastructure investment company The Peel Group to support the development of the shipping canal, which it uses to ship some of its wine n bulk via Liverpool to Kingsland’s home in Irlam, Salford, as part of its global wine portfolio offering. What’s more, the company recruits over 90% of its workforce from the local area.

Andy Sagar, Managing Director & Co-Owner of Kingsland Drinks, says “The speed and scale of the development of Salford over the past five years is staggering. We’re committed to supporting local businesses, the people and operating as sustainably as possible, so it’s a pleasure to see our efforts recognised by Mayor Ian Stewart. Salford is one of the fastest growing regions in Europe, so we’re extremely proud to be part of this regeneration.”