Statement from Kingsland Drinks

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone, as the threat and uncertainty posed by COVID-19 continues to present a worldwide challenge.

We have a full policy in place related to Covid-19 and are following Government guidelines. For the last the past 6 months, we have, and will continue to adapt and take appropriate action as necessary, as the situation changes. Our priority continues to be to protect the health of our employees and customers, while remaining dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service.

Our site in Irlam continues to operate as usual but we have introduced various new, additional controls to help protect the health of our employees, customers and the general population;

  • Hygiene: As a food grade site, our hygiene standards have always been very high. This continues to be a priority and the business has undertaken measures to seek to mitigate risks of infection on-site. We are fortunate that our bottling processes are a “closed loop” so there is limited interaction between people and the liquid. We have continued with additional preventative hygiene measures on site. We apply a two-weekly specialist disinfectant agent (which is one of the products that has Government approval and proven to be effective against the current Covid-19 strain) which lasts for a sustained period of time providing protection against pathogens and microorganisms being allowed to develop through the reactive barrier technology. Information has been displayed on all the communal areas and on our employee app to encourage appropriate handwashing and use of anti-septic gels.
  • Workplace Arrangements: KDL have risk assessed all workplace areas to create a Covid-19 safe work environment; this has included office re-arrangements so that there is no “hot-desking”, rota systems to bring staff back to the office (as we consider this important) but in a controlled manner, one-way systems and new signage around the site, installation of new clock-in machines and making PPE available to staff in factory areas where maintaining social distancing might be compromised. All members of staff have their temperature checked on arrival at work with thermometers machines fitted at each clocking station to ensure accuracy.
  • Communication with the Workforce: Regular briefs are conducted and training is undertaken, we issue a company update every two weeks and the senior team meet 3 times a week to ensure we are reviewing any changes in government guidance and ensuring our staff members are fully up to date.
  • Site Visits: In order to keep the site as secure as possible, all non-essential visits have been suspended. This has resulted in the innovative use of virtual audits and other communication technologies.
  • We will seek to ensure that customers receive the best service that we can deliver in these times. Unpredictable and unprecedented fluctuations in demand are hard to manage in a business with the considerable shipping lead times of the wine trade. Our people are doing what they can to make product available and we appreciate the patience and support of all our partners. We are in constant contact with our supplier and customer partners to ensure minimum disruption and continuation of the high levels of service they are used to.

We will continue to monitor and update regularly as the situation changes.

We wish you all the best in this challenging time and hope that you, your friends, families and colleagues stay safe and well.