Kingsland will be showing its customers that ‘one size does not fit all’ with WinePRO™ – a tool that looks at the People who buy wine, but more importantly the Roles that wine plays in their lives and the Occasions that they choose to drink it.

Based on research conducted by Kingsland and The Insight Edge – and building on the existing Wine Intelligence Portraits – WinePRO™ has been developed to delve deeper into existing Consumer segmentation to look beyond what Consumers drink, to why they drink wine and when.

“It’s all very well talking about whether Consumers go for a fruity red or a light sparkling number, but we actually need to work out why they’re thinking of buying wine in the first place,” comments Kingsland’s Marketing Director Neil Anderson.

WinePRO™ builds on existing research about people, but then looks at why they are making those choices today: it’s all about the roles and occasions, and having identified a number of each we can now help our customers be smarter about their wine offering.”

The WinePRO™ framework will be used to develop Kingsland’s own branded propositions and NPD, and those of their customers and suppliers.  “We are a total solutions provider, and WinePRO™ is another way that we can enable our customers to meet the requirements of their consumers more intelligently,” adds Anderson.

Established over 50 years ago, Kingsland are experts in UK filling, packaging and bulk wine shipping, providing the complete supply chain solution.  In 2012, the purchase of assets of the Stratford’s business gave Kingsland the opportunity to build on its existing agency business.  The portfolio now encompasses luxury Prosecco offerings from Borgo Molino and Sensi, McManis from California and Marisco from New Zealand, as well as newly-formed partnerships with Australia’s Limestone Coast Wines, Brandphoenix and, most recently, Marks & Spencer.