Using its unique consumer insight tool WinePRO, Kingsland Drinks has released compelling findings from its second phase of research undertaken to better understand wine consumption in the UK. Kingsland Drinks, as a full service provider, is using the insight not only to create its own bespoke branded offerings, but also to provide added value to customers.

Working with Wine Intelligence and its Vinitrac® study, Kingsland has successfully anaylsed consumer spending to add financial value to WinePRO’s Portraits, Roles and Occasions and identify opportunities to drive value for its key customers. Phase two of the research revealed the significance of the ‘meal occasion’ and consumers’ planned purchase of wine, which presents a real opportunity for increasing basket-size in the convenience market. What’s more, the ‘gifting occasion’ – the third largest occasion, behind having a quiet drink and with a main meal – currently accounts for a £1.1 billion market share and more than 10% of consumer wine spend.

By analysing consumer profiles, Kingsland has also unveiled an opportunity with both ‘Generation Treaters’ and ‘The Beginners’. The former, engaged with wine but struggling with its jargon, make up 38% of on-trade spend – while no other single group accounts for more than 17% in the off-trade. Similarly, while ‘The Beginners’ have a low-level engagement with wine and are overwhelmed by the market, the category is worth £0.8 billion – rooted in their desire to become ‘sophisticated’ with wine, as well as their interest in ‘me’ occasions. These findings offer a significant chance to inject value and broaden both wine appeal and occasion drinking within the two segments.

Marketing Director of Kingsland Drinks, Neil Anderson, comments: “We’ve invested heavily in WinePRO research to build on existing analysis about consumers and their wine choices, in order to help our customers become smarter about their wine offering. As we’re a total solutions provider, WinePRO is just another way Kingsland can enable its customers to meet the requirements of their consumers more intelligently. The findings from WinePRO Phase Two present quite literally a wealth of opportunity in the wine category and I am excited about working with our customers in helping them identify new growth opportunities for their category.”

Developed in 2015, WinePRO analyses the consumers who buy wine, the roles that wine plays in their lives and the occasions on which they choose to consume it. Kingsland uses the model not only to offer insight to key customers and help strengthen and increase value in their wine category, but also to develop its NPD own-branded propositions – including Shorn and Live.

With a rich heritage of over 60 years, Kingsland Drinks has always been a pioneer in the industry and its aim is to become the leading premier independent supplier of wine and spirits in the UK, specialising in providing a full category solution. Kingsland’s business accounts for 9% of the total UK wine market and its annual sales volume stands at 90 million litres – of which 98% is accounted for by wine. With an expansive portfolio of over 100 brands and producers from 13 countries, Kingsland’s range covers entry to super premium in key wine countries that sell in the UK, including Blue Nun, Andrew Peace and Baron de Ley.