At the end of January Harpers published an article focussing on ‘Key Trends for 2019’ – written by Kingsland Marketing Director, Neil Anderson.

“2018 showed us that the trend for low and no alcohol is not a passing phase but it’s here to stay. Younger drinkers who have traditionally come into the alcohol category are now faced with concerns about health and well-being. The amount of 16-24 year-olds that identify as teetotal has risen from 18% in 2005 to 29%, according to a recent University College London study.”

Below are Neil’s predictions for the coming year, to read the article in full click here.

  1. Take the health message seriously
  2. Focus on Convenience ‘on the go’
  3. Increase the consumer experience/engagement with product and brand
  4. Continued increase in flavours
  5. Consumers wanting to give back
  6. Bringing it home
  7. Classic drinks with a modern twist
  8. Varietal-led Eastern European Wines